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Episode 35 blather.

Because I'm bored and I just watched 35 tonight, and can't decide how I feel about it...

I'm not against filler at all, to be up front about it. Everyone gripes about it, but in most series I end up liking the filler best. Granted, some of it is because I'm not familiar with the manga version (for instance, back when I was into Sailor Moon), or it's just that the plot focuses mostly on the main characters who I find boring (Cowboy Bebop is guilty of this - the non-plot episodes have more Ed, and they're funnier!).

I loved episode 34. Started off nice and angsty, then turned fun and wacky and stuff, even if it was fairly predictable. Episode 35... at first glance I really loved it, but some things just bugged me.

1. We see some random girl from Mugenjou, who was a friend of Ginji's, dying. This sort of belittles the whole transformation to Raitei, I think... I mean, if he saw a bunch of his friends die due to big battles before the one instance where Raitei first manifested... well, what was so special about that one instance that would make Raitei show up suddenly? Wasn't Ginji sort of used to seeing friends die in front of him by then, if we're to believe this episode's flashback?

2. Ginji apparently didn't have a problem with the idea of fighting Akabane, if it's for a good cause. Erm, what? Ginji, we know you have a heart of gold and everything, and you had emotional investment in this case, but every time you've even seen Akabane in the past you go tare and quiver in fear. Somehow I don't really think any amount of reminders of painful memories would allow Ginji to just stand up with a determined look on his face and dive head first into a fight with Akabane.

On the plus side... they showed a lot of the 360 in this episode (and that stupid car is what's mostly responsible for me watching more than the first episode - I fell in love with it before I even liked Ban), Hevn got to do something, our boys looked particularly hot, and... dozing Ginji with puppy sleeping in his lap. I mean, come on.

Also, for me, any negative thought about the episode is pretty much redeemed by this shot. It broke my brain. "Awww, little Ginji... poor Gin-chan, so angs.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!" *a couple minutes later, after frantic screencapping* "...Okay, what was going on before I paused this?"

...I hate Ban for turning me into an idiot fangirl. I really do.
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