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Crap sketch.

Thanks to wen talking about Ginji sleeping on Ban's shoulder in the helicopter here, what I ended up doodling in church this morning. :P

Though no puppy. (Yet. I actually am considering a fic filling in a little bit at the end of that episode, blast you both and your evil ways. :P)
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Awwww~ GB is so cute, dammit XD

I wanna see ep #35! I never get to discuss this stuff with anyone because by the time I get to see eps it's like months after everyone else! *grump* ah, well. ^^ Glad to see this comm getting use though. XD
Heh, stuff like this is weird because... do I post it here, or in my journal, or in regular GB comm? But since it was sort of inspired by something here, figured I might as well post here.

And GB is very cute, yes. 35 is cute even by GB standards, because not only is there lots of Ginji, but there's LITTLE KID Ginji. With the overalls half falling off. :D

so cute!!! *grins happily*

(ah yes that's exactly how and where I'd like to be right now...)
eee~! <3 <3 <3 <3

ohohohoho, i am indeed glad to see our evil ways are paying off x] x] x]