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ok, so this fic challenge comes in two flavours:


here's the idea: download one of these songs (DL them now, because i'll be removing 'em from my site within the next week or so), then write a fic. it can be based on the song lyrics (...though frankly if you do that for the 'vanilla' song i may nosebleed to death...), be written while you were listening to the song, or contain the mood/energy/what-have-you that you picked up from the song. the idea is that the fic is influenced or inspired by the song. if you're feeling particularly enterprising (and can understand japanese) you may even try to subtly implement one or two of the lines from the song into the dialogue, etc.

i originally thought about doing (...crappy...) translations of the songs for those of you who can't understand japanese, but then realized it'd be more fun (especially for the vanilla song >D >D >D) to see what you can come up with without actually knowing what they're saying. >D

a few ground rules, just to make things official-
-fic must be at least ~15k (ie more than a page or so)
-no bizarre (*COUGHedgarCOUGH*) pairings that will make me run screaming into the night. i'd like to actually be able to read these without curling up in a corner and weeping uncontrollably
-if you people even jokingly write songfic and post it, i will personally go to your house and repeatedly stab you with the first sharp object i can get my hands on. no, really. i hate songfic that much k thx.

what do you get out of doing the challenge? uuh.. the satisfaction of a job well done? ^^;;; all i can really offer is either gift art or gift fic (no pr0n though, stop pawing at my leg like that, angrybabble-puppy) to whoever does participate. in any case, the idea of the fic challenge is just to have fun~~ so i hope you guys do <:]
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