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me br3ak your brains

WARNING: The following entry IS detrimental to your mental well-being. You will never be able to see GetBackers's Amano Ginji in the same light again after this. All complaints, therapy bills, threats, and flying melons will be ignored.

Bad Associations With Ginji's Body Parts You Need Not To Know, But Now Will:

1. When Ginji tare-fies, his mouth forms a perfect butt shape.

There can only be one explanation! In the process of changing into tare-Ginji, Ginji has actually undergone cleavage and gastrulation again at an impossible rate! Only, this time the blastopore becomes both mouth and anus, creating the interchangeable Tare-Ginji mouth/butt! What a breakthrough in the study of mutation! =O!!

2. Ginji has shapely breasts. (Or at least, wants them).

The cover of Get Backers manga volume 20 shows that while wearing the adorable cow costume, Ginji has a pillow on his lap. A pillow that is really the cow's breasts! Completed with nipples! And about ripe for milk! =O!!

Hey, it's not my fault you are now brain damaged. I did give you sufficient warnings. >D
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