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it occurs to me that i forgot to post this here~~~ so for those of you who don't know~~~ i'm trying to run a getbackers halloween special this year (with plenty of help, of course, since uni is currently gnawing on my head like a ravenous animal XD;;;)~ i hope all of you to submit at least a teensy something, or i'll sort of crawl into a corner and look really sad :[

getbackers halloween special 2003!

the idea is pretty simple. send me halloween themed getbackers fanworks (for example, fanart of kadzuki, juubei, and toshiki in matching halloween costumes, or fanfic of ban and ginji trick or treating, stuff like that) and i'll put 'em up in a 'getbackers halloween special 2003' page on my tiny getbackers site, and post a link to the page, which will have everyone's submitted fanworks

a few ground rules:
-this isn't any sort of competition. the idea is just to have fun. :] and, uh, for me (...and everyone else, of course XD) to be able see some getbackers halloween fanworks all in one convenient location *(><)*
-please, nothing squicky or pornographic :D;;;; keep it clean, folks, PG-13 or so.
-please put some work and effort into your submission, as you have awhile to work on it *(><)* please don't send in 5 minute doodles from econ class on top of your class notes or anything, or hastily written fic that obviously hasn't been proofread ^^;;;

the logistical details:
-submissions are due by OCTOBER 28, 2003 (mostly to give me, nekokoban, xparrot, and petronia, who are helping me put this together, time to organize and put everything up by halloween)
-please send your submissions to gbholidayspecial@hotmail.com. put [Getbackers Halloween 2003] in the title of your email, and either (fic) or (art) to specify what you're submitting.
-fanart submissions should be in .jpg or .gif format. please attach them to your submission as a file attachment, or provide a link to wherever you've uploaded it if it's a large file
-please submit fanfiction as either an attached .txt file or an attached .html file, or provide a link to where you've uploaded it if it's a large file
-in the body of your email, please provide the following:
Your Name
Your email address
Your website, if you have one
A short description of your fanwork

that's it! so if you'd like to take part, get to ficcing or drawing~! *(><)* i really look forward to seeing what everyone will come up with~ n__n

let me know if you have any questions~
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