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i post to this comm too damn much.

so anyway. i was thinking about what getbackers would be like if ban and ginji were high school students instead of homeless, broke teenagers living out of ban's car. so! getbackers if it were a shoujo/shounen-ai manga instead of a shonen manga >D

AMANO GINJI: A cute and cheerful senior at Honky Tonk High School. His good looks and sweet natured charm have made him the most popular boy at Honky Tonk High, but there are rumours that he was once the feared VOLTS gang leader Raitei at Mugenjou High School, the school from which he transferred as a second year student. Nevertheless, he has more fans than he can deal with, all of whom say that they feel compelled to follow him, and are drawn to his electric personality. Ginji is in a serious and longterm relationship with his boyfriend, Midou Ban, whom he adores, but that doesn't stop female students, male students, and even teachers from pursuing him. However, Ginji is largely unaware of the fact that a huge percentage of the school wants to get into his pants, either because he's incredibly naive, or because he gets some from Ban so often that he fails to notice anyone else. Probably both.
Quote: "I like puppies! And Ban-chan! <3"

MIDOU BAN: Honky Tonk High's arrogant, sexy badboy delinquent. Amano Ginji's smitten but rather possessive boyfriend. Known as a dangerous punk who beats up guys who hit on Ginji, he also has a somewhat frightening evil eye stare that he uses on girls who try to confess their love to his boyfriend. Ban actually has the highest entry exam scores and always gets the high score on any and all exams he encounters, but only shows up for classes he shares with Ginji. Most teachers prefer for him not to show up anyway; Ban has a tendency to flippantly correct teachers and make them look like idiots. Like Ginji, he has many fans, but unlike Ginji, he thrives on their attention. He loves to flirt, a habit that angers some of Ginji's fanclubs. He's entirely aware of huge amount of people who want to get into his pants and smug about it, but only gives it up for Ginji. In the rare cases that he'll show up for school, he tries to get Ginji to cut class with him so they can go make out on the roof.
Quote: "Stop hitting on my boyfriend, you fuckers"

yes, i was supposed to be doing work. >_>; more later, maybe.
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