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Get Backers -- STFU


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If you're looking to join a large, friendly, open community for Get Backers, please check out getbackers.

GB:STFU is a community for Get Backers fans who fall into one or more of the following categories:

1) elitist bitches
2) people who are easily annoyed by noisy fandom
3) people who can spell and have good grammar
4) people who like GB fanworks & discussion, but whom are fandom recluses, easily frightened by 5+ posts a day.

We're mostly female, partially violent towards annoying people, somewhat gifted with fanworks, and entirely unsympathetic to your fannish whining.

This is a closed comm. You may be able to join by asking one of the moderators (angrybabble or mullenkamp). We'll see if you're l33t enough.

Seriously, this comm is here to provide a place to be fannish at a more leisurely pace. It's fairly quiet and low-traffic. For those who are overwhelmed by the post volume on getbackers, but who still would like to keep up with fandom, fanworks, and general news/info, this is a good place for you.

Well, okay, and this comm welcomes discussion/bitching about the fandom itself, should anyone wish to do so. >D